Elgin is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and service of industrial equipment for the Oil & Gas, Trenchless, Power, Mining, Food/Beverage, Water, Dredging, and Pipeline Construction Industries.

Founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois, Elgin has evolved into a worldwide leader in design, manufacture and service of specialized processing equipment in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Coal, Aggregates, Minerals, Water, and Pipeline Construction Industries. With vertically integrated manufacturing and design capabilities, Elgin brings to its customers a unique experience that focuses on holistic solutions. Instead of limiting our capabilities to an individual piece of equipment, Elgin specializes in the full integration of solids conveyance systems, sophisticated PLC-driven automation systems, and product life-cycle management repair and remanufacturing services. Elgin is driven to turn the basic capital equipment procurement process into a relationship that extends through the entire life of the products and systems supplied.


Who We Are

Today, Elgin is made of four specialized divisions; Elgin Water Solutions, Elgin Separation Solutions (Liquid Separation), Elgin Separation Solutions (Solid Separations) and Elgin Power Solutions. The brand names represented within Elgin include CMI, Cook Legacy, Gilbert Electrical, Tabor, Mining Controls, Norris, KTI, CSI and Clinch River; all widely recognized for their reliability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Elgin Separation Solutions is made of two specialized teams, one that focuses on liquid removal, in which the liquid phase is considered the non-valued product and one that focuses on solids removal, in which the solids phase is consider the non-valued product. Both Elgin Separation Solutions teams manufacture a host of refined solid/liquid separation technologies that include vertical centrifuges, horizontal centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, cyclonic separators, shakers, and screens.


Service Footprint

In support of our product and service offering, Elgin maintains several operations in the United States, India, Abu Dhabi, Canada and Russia with a direct sales support team located in 5 different countries and an agent network operating in an additional 10 countries. Elgin maintains an impeccable record of standing behind our products and technologies regardless of their final destination.



Elgin was the first company to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of solids control and dewatering equipment. Elgin has designed and delivered products meeting dozens of regulatory requirements, including GOST R / Ex-Proof (Russia), IEx (Australia), CES (Canada), and CE / ATEX (Europe).


Solutions Driven Team

With the combined talents of all four Elgin teams, Elgin Separation Solutions brings the Oil & Gas industry a unique experience that extends far beyond the simple specification of a centrifuge, shaker, or dryer. Elgin Separation Solutions provides holistic solids control, waste management and fluid conditioning services that create measurable value. If your goal is to maximize the control of colloidal solids, maximize drilling fluid recover from your solids control and waste management process, and /or minimize waste management costs, then Elgin can help.

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