Centrifugal Pumps


Price, power consumption, efficiency, and ease of use are main concerns that customers have when  purchasing pumps. Elgin recognizes this and maintains a complete line of Series 118 & 250 high performance

centrifugal pumps.


Based on the industry’s most field-proven centrifugal pump, these pumps have been designed with durability and value in mind and are ideal for handling a host of different fluids and industrial applications, most notably abrasive muds. Featuring SKF (or equal) bearings, tungsten mechanical seals, and a wide semi-open impeller design allowing for increased bearing life thru lower axiel thrust.


Elgin knows that an important part of any solids control system includes the use of a high performance centrifugal pump which may have a variety of uses.  Elgin’s line of pumps have been engineered for ease of operations, efficiency, and durability.  The centrifugal pump is designed to give longer service life through wear pad replacement casing, grease bearing lubrication, labyrinth bearing cap seals, stainless shaft sleeve, and casing nuts.  Skid mounted design paired with a premium, Class 1 - Division 1 explosion proof motor, coupling and coupling guard complete the pump package.


Available upgrade options include: optional trims, oil lubrication, shaft sleeves in ceramic coating and 1704 PH hardened, Reverse Rotation Prevention system (RRP), silicon

carbide mechanical seal, extra hard iron fluid ends, and lip seals. Starter panels are available upon request.