Packaged Mud Recycling Systems


Relative to the use of drilling fluids within the oil & gas industry, the use of drilling fluids within the horizontal directional drilling (“HDD”) industry, is new.   As the use of HDD technology did not become mainstream until the 1980’s, it took another decade before drillers started to consider the use of basic drilling fluids.  Even today, the amount of research and development aimed at HDD drilling fluids is considered a rounding error in the oligopoly of drilling fluid manufacturers.    However, the trends strongly suggest that the future of HDD drilling will follow a similar evolutionary cycle as experienced by the traditional oil & gas industry.   As such, it is only a matter of time before customized and highly engineered drilling fluids make their way into day-to-day HDD operations.


Couple the evolution of drilling fluids with the escalating cost of waste management and disposal, the economic practicality of utilizing drilling fluids, is dependent on the ability to recover and recycle.   Though the cost of barite and bentonite continue to be commoditized, additives continue to become more and more expensive.   Add the escalating cost of qualified talent, HDD rig operators are left with a critical challenge; making profits, when the cost of business is increasing.


Elgin Separation Solutions is the leading manufacturer of effective, durable, long-lasting packaged fluid reclaimers for almost 20 years. Elgin set the standard in the industry and continues to evolve packaged systems to keep up with operator needs for successful drilling projects.

Packaged Mud Recycling Systems


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