Progressive Cavity Feed Pumps

PC Pumps


To ensure a well-balanced feed with consistent feed pressure, Elgin can supply a variety of custom-configured progressive-cavity feed pumps (“PC pumps”).  PC pumps can extend the life of a centrifuge and reduce overall operations and maintenance costs when properly operated.


Elgin PC Pump packages can be supplied in a variety of skid configurations (i.e. wide field skid and narrow plant skid) and a variety of motor installation configurations (i.e. in-line, offset, and “piggy-back”).


Elgin’s PC pumps are mated with a Nord™ gearbox and premium, continuous duty, energy-efficient, explosion-proof motor (non-explosion proof motors are for applications requiring UL or CSA certification for hazardous locations.


Each PC Pump is constructed of high quality materials appropriate for industrial applications.   Alternative materials of construction are available for conditions in which high levels of abrasive materials or where significant swings in pH may be encountered.  The below table highlights the standard materials of construction supplied with Elgin’s centrifuge PC feed pumps.

Though each centrifuge feed PC pump supplied by Elgin comes standard with a Nord™ gear box and premium motor, alternatives are available upon request.  The following table highlights the standard electrical configuration of Elgin’s centrifuge feed PC pumps.

200 gpm PC Pump Curve

500 gpm PC Pump Curve


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