Smart Panel Technology Automation System


As a new paradigm in integrated mud system controls, Elgin has developed a proprietary new control panel with onboard networking that allows for local Wi-Fi control and automation of the entire mud system. Elgin's systems are the industry’s first wireless automated mud recycler. With the option of controlling and monitoring the entire mud recycler from your fingertips, via smart phone, tablet, or laptop, the system is equipped with its own built-in Wi-Fi signal generator. This eliminates the need for a wired remote-pendant and allows the user to access the control wireless.  Elgin’s new wirelessly accessible control panel allows operators for the first time to be able to control their mud system from up to 2,000 feet away.


With Elgin’s proprietary technology, the entire mud recycling system can be operated un-manned; all pumps are controlled via integrated, on-board level and pressure sensors.  When the dirty tank reaches more than 95% of its tank capacity, the trash pump automatically shuts down and will restart only when the tank level drops below 40% of tank capacity. The transfer pump is also controlled via level sensors on the clean tank.  When the tank level reaches below 20%, the transfer pump will automatically shut down, avoiding pump cavitation.  The transfer pump will restart once the clean tank level has reached 65%.  By controlling the feed trash pump and transfer pump, the tank will never spill over and reduces the labor cost for constantly monitoring of the tank levels.


The hopper and desilter centrifugal pumps are electronically interlocked with pressure sensors.  If the pressure fails to meet the specified set points, the centrifugal pumps will shut themselves down and will raise alarm to indicate problem which requires attention.  In the meantime, the hydrocyclones and the mud hopper operates at the defined premium operating pressure setting indicating optimum separation and mixing.


This automated solution not only provides the ease of control and monitoring the operations, but also maximizes the life of the mud recycler by protecting all the major equipment.  Fault and operation date is logged into the HMI and can easily be downloaded on a spreadsheet for management oversight and billing purposes.


No other company in the industry has the technical sophistication to provide such value to its customers.


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