Tango 500HD2 Packaged Mud Recycling System

Mud Reclaimer /Recycling System


Over 15 years ago, Elgin Separation Solutions introduced the most effective packaged mud recycling system to the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry.  The Tango 500 series reclaimer quickly became the industry standard for operators with Midi-Class pullback rigs.  As we continued to grow, our recycling systems, ranging from 100 gpm up to 1500 gpm, set the pace for the competition to follow.  New for 2017, Elgin proudly brings back the system that started it all.


The Tango 500HD2 embodies all the features Elgin reclaimers are known for.  Our approach is simple.  To create the most effective system on the market while keeping the operator in mind.  Capable of processing 500 gallons per minute (32 lps) of drilling fluid, the Tango 500HD2 unit is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly design that is 15% lighter in weight than previous versions.  With a total tank capacity of 2,900 gallons, independent 3 x 2 centrifugal pumps, 6-panel linear motion Hyper-G™ shaker, single-point leveling jack design, Firestone™ Marsh Mellow single-piece vibration isolation system, and six 5” desilter hydrocyclone manifold capable of cleaning fluid down to 30 microns, the Tango 500HD2 is built to last and perform.


Trailer mounted systems feature a heavy-duty dual-axel configuration, for efficient unit placement at the job site, with new fold out / walk up ladder and increased working deck space.  Combine all this with a cost saving, low fuel consuming, 60kw generator package, the Tango 500HD2™ packaged fluid reclaimer the perfect solution for your solids control needs.


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