CSI-03 & CSI-04 Vertical Cuttings Dryer Three-Stage, Oil-Sealed, Planetary Gearbox Retrofit

VCD Retrofit

Elgin can retrofit your existing Elgin / CSI™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer with an enhanced three-stage, oil-sealed, planetary gearbox that requires no active lubrication system for operation, a key failure point for any vertical cuttings dryer.     

By eliminating the active lubrication system, operators no longer need to worry about low pressure levels, spent oil filters, flow switch failures, low fluid levels, or damaged hoses. This also means that owners do not need to worry about the maintenance costs associated with replacement filters, lubrication oil or lube system spare parts. 

Elgin’s revolutionary oil-sealed planetary gearbox retrofit removes all active lubrication equipment, including the main drive gearbox, and replaces it with an oil-sealed gearbox that requires maintenance only once every six months during operation. The combination of these factors has allowed customers to achieve a 47% reduction in annual operating costs.

Even more exciting is the fact that Elgin’s new oil-sealed planetary gearbox provides for enhanced VCD performance by providing a higher G-force output and improved differential speed, while at the same time being able to accommodate higher levels of applied torque and temperature.  This means that you not only have a dryer that costs less to operate, but a dryer that will outperform those using a traditional oil-lubricated gearbox. By upgrading your existing VCD with Elgin’s latest three-stage, oil-sealed, planetary retrofit gearboxes, you will end up with a dryer solids discharge and higher fluid recovery.

Retrofit Made Easy

Elgin understands the importance of kepping your operations running.  As such, we have designed the retrofit procedure to minimize equipment downtime. Converting your existing VCD to the oil-sealed planetary gearbox can be completed in less than day with Elgin’s step-by-step guide
to assist your technicians in a successful transition. Looking for a complete refurbish? Let Elgin’s technicians completely overhaul your vertical cuttings dryer with OEM parts and service.