Solar Light Tower Security System

Elgin’s new ESS-ST900™ is a great solution for maintaining on-site security where operators are looking to mitigate theft or vandalism. With high power lighting and surveillance capabilities, the ESS-ST900™ is the ideal all-in-one system. Each system features four (4) high-efficiency LED light fixtures and four (4) cameras on a hydraulic telescoping tower capable of reaching up to 20 feet in height, for broad coverage.  

Featuring four (4) 90,000 Lumen LED lights with electronic angle adjustment, the towers are able to light up any site for up to 16 hours.  The three (3) fixed high-resolution cameras in addition to one (1) adjustable 360° gimble camera makes monitoring sites possible from every angle necessary for 24/7 surveillance of the surrounding site.  All footage can be accessed through the tower’s on-board digital video recorder (DVR), made for replaying what has already been recorded. The three retractable solar panels are made to charge up the tower during the day and keep it running all night.  Additionally, in low-light situations, power can be plugged directly into the tower to charge and keep it running.

Adjustable Lighting for Front Facing Illumination

Adjustable Lighting for 360-Degree Area Illumination

Elgin’s turnkey lighting/security solution offers quality performance and ease of installation for any operation that is simple to use and in a durable mobile platform.


High Resolution Cameras

A 360 degree CCTV camera in front and three fixed cameras around the tower for all-around surveillance.

High Power LED Lights

High efficiency 90,000 Lumen LED lights with electronic push button angle adjustment.

Retractable Solar Panels 

Solar panels retract inward for ease of transport and extend out for maximum charging surface area.

Onboard Monitor with DVR 

With 24/7 recording power, the on-board monitor allows operators to review their site.