KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ Track Driven Packaged Fluid Reclaimer

Introducing the new KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ Turn-Key Fluid Reclaimers that are fully remote controlled operated systems for challenging site access.

Today’s operators are faced with operating in locations limited in size and access.  Elgin’s KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ come standard with electrically powered hydraulic driven tracks and wireless remote control module.  

Abrasion Resistant Slurry Pumps

Both the KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ feature Elgin’s 2 x 3 Abrasion Resistant Slurry Pumps.  Operation is greatly enhanced with increased pump performance, longer-life cycle, and run-dry protection.  Onboard thermal siphon technology lubricates the mechanical seal and protects the pump in the event of run-dry conditions. 

Largest Screen Surface Area

Within it’s class, the KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ two-panel double deck Hyper-G™ shaker features the largest screen surface area and outperforms the competition in sand and silt removal.  Each unit includes Elgin’s KPT-28 Composite Flat Panel Screens designed to last longer, increase performance with higher surface tension, and resists premature delamination typically found in traditional steel frame screens. 

Continuous Recirculation

Multi-pass cleaning system maximizes shaker and hydrocyclone performance.  Most efficient tank agitation per unit volume of mud ensures complete mixing performance.

Extended Tank Life

Elgin’s tanks are fully lined with a phenolic lining to maximize tank life and reduce the effects associated with the circulation of abrasive/erosive solids to extend equipment life.