Packaged Mud Recycling Systems

Mud recycling system on rig site

Elgin is the leading manufacturer of effective package mud recycling systems, also known as a reclaimer . The KEMTRON series reclaimers are designed for drilling contractors with Mini, Midi, and Maxi-Class rigs operating in the trenchless, mining, water-well, geothermal, foundation drilling, and microtunneling industries.

Elgin’s line of packaged mud reclaimers feature multi-pass cleaning capabilities to maximize shaker and hydrocyclone performance, Smart-Panel technology with built-in Wi-Fi networking for remote operation, and the largest screening surface area, per screen panel, compared to other systems on the market.

New for 2022 - The KT-100CR™ and KT-200CR™ Track Driven Packaged System

Elgin offers a full line of mud recycling systems that pair perfectly with mini, midi, and maxi class drilling rigs.  Systems can be skid mounted or trailer mounted depending on operation needs.  Looking for maneuverability in tight locaitons?  Elgin’s in-house engineering team can custom design units with hydraulic track driven feature.

Standard mud recycling system configurations feature Elgin’s Hyper-G™ two, four, or six panel shaker, dedicated centrifugal pumps, desilter and desander hydrocyclone manifolds, solids loading hopper with venturi nozzle, proportionally sized tank capacity for optimal fluid residence time, and EPA Tier-4 sound attenuated generators.

System features can be upgraded to include Elgin’s abrasion resistant slurry pumps, Smart-Panel control system, high-shear solids hopper, and hydraulic trailer leveling jacks for easy rig-up.

Enhance shaker performance with Elgin’s full range of API-13C Composite Flat Panel and Composite Wave screens.  Designed to improve shaker performance, these screens are longer lasting and lighter in weight. 

KT-200HD2™ Reclaimer

KT-400HD2™ Reclaimer

KT-1000HDX™ Mud Recycling System

KT-1500HD2™ Packaged Mud System