CSI-D3™ Turn-Key Waste Cuttings Management System

CSI-D3™ VCD system
CSI-D3 Containerized Cuttings System


Elgin’s CSI-D3™ turn-key waste cuttings management system is the world’s first patented dual-drive dryer.  This technology allows operators the ability to adjust the performance of the dryer based on the nature of the solids.  Using a proprietary gear box configuration, operators can adjust both the applied G-force and the differential speed between the scraper flites and the screen.  This technology allows the CSI-D3™ to be used in both oil-based and water-based environments. 

Built inside a 20 foot high cube shipping container with proprietary control system, self-priming discharge pump, solids discharge chute and onboard centrate processing tanks, the CSI-D3™ turn-key system is the perfect solution for processing 25 to 40 tons per hour. 

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to reduce waste cuttings moisture on
    waste solids by 90%.
  • Recover thousands of gallons of fluid and water
    that would normally have been disposed of with
    the waste cuttings.
  • Dewatered waste solids dramatically reduce,
    waste disposal trucking fees.
  • CSI-D3™ Patented Vertical Cuttings Dryer
  • HMI Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • Elgin Telescoping Solids Discharge Conveyor
  • VFD Driven Screw Auger Hopper Feed System
  • Centrate Collection Tank with Mud Gun Agitation,
    High/Low Level Sensors