Jet Shear Mixing System




Using our unique history as a provider of performance chemicals, Elgin has developed a line of drilling fluid jet shear systems. Jet shear systems are designed to use hydraulic shear to efficiently mix solids with liquids.  Elgin’s jet shear systems ensure efficient mixing of soluble polymers and bentonite used in water-based drilling fluids, therefore, eliminating “fish eyes.” Drilling fluid yield and gel strength properties are instantly obtained with hydraulic shearing of bentonite or organophilic clays.

  • Robust construction with integrated venturi mixer and shelf to ensure ergonomic handling of bags.

  • Multiple liquid injection ports are provided to enhance mud properties.

  • Double elliptical nozzles are set at opposing angles therefore forcing fluid streams to fold upon themselves.

  • Valve isolated mud bypass lines allows operators to bypass the low shear line with built in static in-line mixer.