KEMTRON 1500HDX Packaged Fluid Recycling System

1,500 GPM Mud System


ELGIN’s KEMTRON 1500HDX is the industry’s largest and most effective packaged mud system in the market.   Built on a premium 56’ long, heavy duty, triple-axel rock over trailer with an impressive 9,000 gallon tank capacity.  Utilizing two dual-deck scalping shakers, desander mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner, the KEMTRON 1500HDX mud reclaimer is the perfect solution for large bore projects.

With inset pump cabins along the side of the unit, pump pressure is more efficient which reduces hydraulic friction losses during operation.  Onsite installation is enhanced with Elgin’s proprietary cat-walk lift assist cylinders that allows for two operators to erect and secure the side deck and railing.


  • Multi-pass cleaning system maximizes shaker and
    hydrocyclone performance helping to maintain target mud weights.

  • Hyper-G™ shaker with Firestone’s Marsh Mellow™ vibration isolators, providing reduced noise, long-lasting, maintenance free operation.

  • Three (3) 10” hydrocyclone desanders and eighteen (18) 5” hydrocyclone desilters with pressure guages and dedicated isolation valves for operation efficiency.

  • Proprietary ‘Cat-Walk Lift Assist’ for easy onsite installation of side deck and rails.

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