Mining & Minerals Material Handling Products

Belt Wiper

Clinch River belt wipers are made of polyurethane offering advantages such as abrasive, tear and impact resistant. Belt wipers come in solid or segmented design that are easy to replace. Blades are water, oil and grease resistant.

Moon Slider

Moon sliders are available in any transition degree and  are designed using a three bolt UHMW replacement system. Strong tubular construction provides for durability and strength. Moon sliders have no moving parts and will cause no moving violations. Ideal for smaller materials being conveyed with a lower density.

Impact Bed

Impact beds are designed to provide maximum protection to the conveyor belt. Our impact beds are adjustable from 5° up to 35°.  The bars are made of an impact resistance rubber, with 3/8” UHMW with metal insert. Bar inserts can be customized with steel or aluminum inserts.

Custom Chute Work

Clinch River can design and manufacture chutes to fit your needs. Built using A36 steel or stainless steel and designed for durable long-life performance. Our pre-engineered chute lining protects and cushions the chute from the material being handled. Ceramic liners deliver ultimate performance where extreme heat and abrasion is a problem.

Liners Available: 550 Brinell, AR400, Tri-Braze, Stainless Steel, Tivar 88 (1/4” up to 1” thickness)

Sieve Bend

Clinch Rivers Sieve Bend combines unique features with durability that generates one of the lowest cost per ton processed feed available on the market today. Sieve screens are made of stainless steel for corrosion and wear resistance.

Feed Box

Improved box and feed chute design permits full utilization of screens and controls splashing and flooding of the screen. Includes ceramic liners for extended wear life.