Flat Panel Screens

This bank of flat panel screens provides clean water to the Rapid River Fish Hatchery in Riggins, ID.

Elgin’s wedge wire flat panel screens are able to withstand extreme loads and adhere to precise tolerances.  With fabrication methods tailored to the mining industry, our screens can handle anything your water source can throw at it.  Flat panel screens can fit into existing openings or can be supplied with guide rails to ensure smooth installation and serviceability over the life of the product.

Historically wedge wire screens have been dismissed in the fish screen industry based on flatness and structural integrity.  The basis of the flatness and strength claims are from a traditional resistance welded screen panel that is created from a cylindrical screen drum that is cut and flattened.  Elgin’s screens are fabricated in a flat condition and are fabricated using TIG welding, which produces a much stronger weld and less stress from the lack of flattening.  To learn more click here.


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