KEMTRON 1500MPX™ Package Mud System

1500 Mud Recycling System
1500 GPM Mud System

ESS-WDD-550 Quintuplex Pump

The KEMTRON 1500MPX is the industry’s first high-capacity mud reclamation system to feature a high-pressure pump that is electrically variable.   Instead of using a clutch and belt / chain driven system, Elgin’s new KEMTRON 1500MPX deploys a direct coupled VFD-driven Ellis Williams WDD-550 HDD Quintuplex Pump that is powered from a single 500KW Tier 4 Final diesel-fired generator used to power the rest of the drilling fluid reclamation system.  Not only does this provide for a road-legal package, but it provides a lower total cost of construction and total cost of ownership.

ESS-WDD-550 Quintuplex Pump


More than an original equipment manufacturer, Elgin Separation Solutions offers innovative turn-key solutions for today’s operators in the trenchless industry.  As such, Elgin has become the leading provider of effective packaged fluid recycling systems.   With the introduction of our electrically-variable high-pressure ESS-WDD-550 Quintuplex pump package, Elgin now provides the market with the best combination of performance and turn-key integration.

Hydraulically Balanced Mud System
With the 8,000 gallon tank capacity, the KEMTRON 1500MPX is able to provide a hydraulically balanced mud system at 1,500 gallons per minute (8,000 gallons / 1,500 gpm = 5.3 minutes residence time, the design target for a hydraulically tuned mud system).  To achieve 1,500 gpm, the hydrocyclone packages are designed with (3) 10” hydrocyclone desanders and eighteen (18) 5” valve-isolated hydrocyclone desilters. 


  • Electrically-variable Ellis Williams  WDD-550 HDD Quintuplex  Pump.

  • Multi-pass cleaning system maximizes shaker and hydrocyclone performance helping to maintain target mud weights.

  • Three (3) dual-deck Hyper-G™ shakers with a combined 168 square feet screening surface.

  • Three (3) 10” hydrocyclone desanders and eighteen (18) 5” hydrocyclone desilters with pressure guages and dedicated isolation valves for operation efficiency.

  • Most efficient tank agitation per unit volume of mud utilizing top mounted agitators and mud guns ensures complete mixing performance.

  • Proprietary ‘Cat-Walk Lift Assist’ for easy onsite installation of side deck and rails.