Mega-G 412 Scalping Shaker

The First Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity, Turn-Key Scalping Shaker Specifically Designed for the Hydrovac Waste, Microtunneling and Dredging Industries

Mega-G 412 Scalping Shaker

Designed specifically for the Hydrovac Waste, Microtunneling and Dredging industries, the new Mega-G 412 Scalping Shaker is capable of handling high-capacity flow rates when processing large volumes of solids for separation.

Fitted with either profile-wire or composite polyurethane screens designed for long-life rugged performance. Intelligent engineered shaker performance features built-in VFD controls with low-medium-high speed settings that can be adjusted during operation for changes in material rheology.

Featuring a solids auger integrated progressive cavity VFD driven pump with run dry thermal protection. Onboard spray bar systems keeps screens free of debris buildup with dedicated 118 series centrifugal pump.

Proprietary control system with built-in VFD modules for shaker performance and pump operation allows operators to make adjustments without having to shut down the system. Additionally, built-in safety interlocks protect the unit from overload conditions and costly maintenance resulting form damage during operation.

The new Mega-G 412 is the perfect solution for today’s operators looking to maximize liquid/solids separation.¬†

Mega-G 412 Shaker