Hyper-G™ Shale Shaker

4-Panel Dual Motion Shaker

3-Panel Linear Motion Shaker




With the introduction of Elgin’s Hyper-G™ shaker in 2012, sticky reactive solids became manageable utilizing Elgin’s dual-motion, variable speed vibrator motor configuration that is fully adjustable during operation without having to shut down.

Patented ‘Water-Fall’ screen system design dramatically reduces the potential for solids bypass typically encountered by damaged screen gaskets, improper installation, and flooding of the rear screen by fluid.

 Whether you are looking for a three-panel, four-panel or six-panel screen deck design, Elgin’s Hyper-G features the highest screening surface area on the market today.

  • Proprietary Variable-G VFD Control System

  • Bypass Flow Control System

  • Adjustable While Drilling Single-Point Jacking System

  • Patented ‘Waterfall’ Screen Deck Design

  • Firestone® Marsh Mellow™ Rubber Isolation Springs for Improved Performance

  • Dual-Motion Vibrator Motor offers Linear Motion or Balanced Elliptical Operation

  • OEM Performance Shaker Screens

Enhance solids control performance even greater with Elgin’s Composite Shaker Screens.

Looking for something custom? Let Elgin's in-house engineering team design the ideal turn-key solutions for your operationsl needs.