Hyper-G Shale Shaker

4-Panel Dual Motion Shaker

3-Panel Linear Motion Shaker




Elgin’s Hyper-G™ Shale Shaker provides power, performance and a new standard in practical design. Capable of producing up to 7 G’s of force and coupled with a variable frequency drive, the Hyper-G™ provides power when you need it.  By adding a single point jacking system and an improved screen fastening system, you now have a shaker that is as easy to operate, as it is powerful.

  • Variable-G VFD Control System
  • Bypass Flow Control System
  • Adjustable While Drilling Single-Point
    Jacking System
  • Patented ‘Waterfall’ Screen System
  • Marshmellow™ Rubber Isolation Springs
  • Linear Motion or Balanced Elliptical Motion Motors
  •  OEM Performance Shaker Screens