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 Elgin’s line of solids-handling pumps have been designed to reliably handle a myriad of solids-laden fluids with minimal maintenance. Elgin offers a 400, 600, 800, and 1,500 gpm model.

Based on one of the industry’s most field-proven pump configurations, Elgin’s line of submersible solids-handling pumps offer a trouble-free, non-clogging design with top discharge port for heavy-duty applications. 

Featuring a cast iron structure with steel strainer, high chrome alloy impeller and agitator, easy access oil maintainance port and power cable safety chain coupling.  Safety features include ‘Circle Thermal Protector’ and ‘Motor Coil Protection’ that shut the pump down in event of motor overheating.


  • Designed for heavy-duty applications, Elgin pumps feature a steel strainer and high chrome alloy plated impeller, agitator and inlet plate.
  • Each pump can be fitted with a hose coupling, flange connection or Cam-Lock fitting.  
  • Each pump comes standard with electric cable coupling to prevent power separation from pump.
  • A replaceable upper handle has been installed to handle the toughest conditions.