Composite Shaker Screens


New technology has advanced shaker screen construction using composite material with steel reinforcements.  Composite shaker screens provide increased performance, longer life-span, and stronger resistance to delamination. In traditional steel-frame manufacturing, when using powder-coat, the applied temperature is lower than when the product is molded, as are composite screens.  Thus, causing the surface tension of the screen to decrease leading to premature failure in the field.

The heating process for composite screens, causes the wire mesh to contract and provide for a tighter surface tension.  The higher the surface tension, the longer lasting the screen. Ultimately, this translates not only to a more precise cut point, but a screen that lasts as much as 20% longer than a steel-framed screen.are


  • Improved Quality – Composite Screens inherently have a higher quality control. There is not chance for discontinuities and/or variations in the quality.
  • Increased Performance – Composite Screens provide higher surface tension. The higher the surface tension, the longer lasting the screen.
  • Improved Storage Life – Composite Screens provide for a longer storage life. Frames do not dent or warp from mishandling. They also have no exposed metal, so there is no means for corrosion. 
  • Resists Premature Delamination – Composite Screens are not laminated. As such, there is no ability for the perforated plate or the wire mesh to prematurely separate from the frame.