ESS-936HD2 Decanter Centrifuge

ESS-936HD2 Centrifuge




The ESS-936HD2 decanter centrifuge is designed for low volume separation performance. The slim-line design is ideal for placement in small spaces to meet operational needs. Featuring a 15 hp main drive motor and 5 hp back drive motor, four (4) stainless-steel epicentric liquid-end discharge ports, three (3) wide-mouth solids-end discharge ports, and premium gearbox with 40:1 ratio. The bowl is constructed with 304 stainless-steel or carbon steel with tungsten lined internal conveyor.

  • 15 hp Main Drive Motor and 5 hp Back Drive Motor
  • Four (4) Adjustable Stainless-Steel Epicentric Liquid-End Discharge Ports
  • VFD HMI Touch-Screen Control Panel with Safety Interlocks and Sensors Protect Against Catastrophic Failure
  • Tungsten-Carbide Tiled Scroll Points
  • Three (3) Wide-Mouth Solids-End Discharge Ports