CMI™-HVC Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge




Elgin’s Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge (HVC) builds on seventy years of dewatering experience and reliability.  While terms like “workhorse” and “built like a tank” are used in describing past and present CMI centrifuges, the HVC continues this tradition of industry leading durability.

The CMI HVC-1400 / 1500 utilizes a ‘sump splash’ lubrication system with no need for a pump, filter, gauges, or presurized oil lines. In addition, the sealed cartridge style drive assembly is designed to be easily replaced for maintenance.

  • Simplified Lubrication needs no pump, filter, gauges or pressurized oil lines.
  • Easy Effluent Sampling via a side discharge launder.
  • Maintenance is accomplished above the floor maximizing availability of your operation.
  • Multiple Configurations available for the door hinge, mo-tor and effluent discharge.
  • Oriented Strand, Composite Leaf Springs are used which will not rust or degrade with age and are maintenance free.