Rubber Lined Pump

Elgin’s rubber lined solids handling pumps are designed to better manage abrasive materials and heavy slurries associated with pumping operations.  Whether operated as a standalone pump or part of Elgin’s turn-key solutions, abrasion resistant pumps improve performance and extends pump life versus traditional pumps. 

When utilizing centrifugal pumps, operators are faced with a variety of problems involving abrasive materials that reduces performance thru impeller and pump casing wear.  At Elgin, we develop solutions that solve real problems operators are facing today.

Rubber lined slurry pumps
Polyurethane rubber liner in slurry pump

Rubber Lined Casing Inserts

Diamond core mechanical seal inside rubber lined slurry pump.

Diamond Core Mechanical Seal

Rubber lined pump with thermal siphon technology.

Thermal Siphon Technology

Rubber Lined Pump Overview

Abrasion Resistant Liner
Elgin’s pump features a two-part elastomer liner that is designed to protect the casing from extended wear caused by abrasive and corrosive material while improving performance. 

Diamond-Core Mechanical Seal
Pump performance is further enhanced with a diamond-core mechanical seal that prevents leakage of fluid from the pump while improving performance when processing high temperature and highly corrosive material. 

Thermal Siphon Technology
Diamond-core mechanical seal operation is further enhanced with onboard thermal siphon technology that prevents rubber lined slurry pump damage from run-dry operating conditions and lubricates components to prevent high temperatures from occurring. 

Abrasion Resistant Pump Benefits

Rubber Liner
Two-part elastomer liner reduces casing wear from abrasive fluids. 

Impeller wear is minimized with an elastomer coating. In addition, centering of impeller within the casing is simplified with adjustable screw on bearing housing.

Split Casing
Access to pump bearings is made easy with a split casing design. 

Pump Packages

Pump frames have been redesigned to reduce overall pump weight by 10%.  Despite the weight reduction, the redesign has also improved pump strength to ensure long bearing life.