CSI-03™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Elgin's CSI-03™ Waste Cuttings Treatment Dryer

Since 2000, the CSI-03™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer has been the industry’s most recognized & reputable VCD available in the market.  No other brand has achieved more success or recovered more drilling fluid, than the CSI™ VCD.  There have been more than 850 CSI™ vertical cuttings dryers delivered to the market.  

Every major solids control & waste management service provider in the market operate CSI™ dryers (including, but not limited to Baker Hughes™, Halliburton™, M-I Swaco™, Weatherford™, Ava / New Park™ and NOV™*).

CSI-03™ VCD Operation

CSI-03™ VCD Overview

A properly deployed CSI-03™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer, can significantly reduce waste disposal costs, dramatically lower whole mud loses within those wastes, and improve the overall quality of the drilling fluid by allowing the shale shakers and centrifuges to be used at their full operating potential.

Designed to reduce oil on cuttings by up to 85%, The CSI-03™ VCD is the perfect solution for processing up to 40 tons per hour.

VCD applications are driven by three key objectives:

  • Drilling Fluid Reclamation
  • Waste Solid Reduction
  • Waste Solid Declassification

Elgin CSI-03™ VCD incorporates several unique features, including ceramically-lined inner housing, internally mounted launder section spray bar, automatic shut-off systems, multiple access/maintenance doors, and individually balanced rotating components to ensure vibration-free operation.  

Most importantly, Elgin manufactures its own host of screens and flite assemblies, further ensuring that operators have the right system for the right operating conditions.

CSI-03™ Benefits & Features

Engineered Flites
With various blade materials and coatings available (i.e. tungsten, ceramic, & hard chromed), Elgin’s flites are the most durable and precise in the market.  Single piece conical flites also available.

The heart of a VCD is the screen. By using a fully TIG welded, chromed screen, Elgin customers can experience screen life as long as a year.   Screens with a slot size between 200 and 1,000 microns are available.

Spray Nozzles / Bar
By integrating the spray bar into the launder section, Elgin VCD’s can withstand the longest operating periods between service.

Conical Launder
Collected fluids flow more efficiently with cork-screw launder design and significantly lower the risk of a back-up within the VCD.

Access Hatch
Three hatches are located around the body of the VCD for cleaning of the solids discharge section and maintenance access to internal components.

* BAKER HUGHES™, HALLIBURTON™, M-I SWACO™, WEATHERFORD™, AVA/Tervita™, Diamond-T™, and NOV® are proprietary trademarks of their owners National Oilwell Varco, Inc., M-I LLC (a Schlumberger Company), Baker Hughes, Weatherford, and Ava S.P.A.™, respectively. The marks, corresponding products and owners are not affiliated with Elgin Separation Solutions, Elgin Power Solutions or Elgin Power and Separation Solutions. *Competitor data was sourced from marketing data provided by the applicable manufacturers.