CSI-03 Vertical Cuttings Dryer




CSI™ is the industry’s most recognized & reputable Vertical Cuttings Dryer Centrifuge available in the market. No other brand has achieved more success or recovered more drilling fluid, than the CSI™ dryer. There have been almost 800 CSI™ dryers delivered to the market. Every major solids control & waste management service provider in the market operate CSI™ dryers (Including, but not limited to Baker Hughes™, Halliburton™, M-I Swaco™, Weatherford™, Ava / New Park™ and NOV™).

  • Engineered Strength: With various blade materials and coatings available, Elgin has developed the industry’s most durable and precise flights in the market.
  • Screen Design: By using a fully chromed screen, Elgin customers can experience screen life
    as long as a year.
  • High Performance : By tapering the launder section collected fluids flow more efficiently
    and significantly lower the risk of a back-up within the VCD.
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