CSI-E3™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer

CSI-E3™ Cuttings Dryer

Elgin’s CSI-E3™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer is the next evolution of the industry leading CSI-03™.  With over 850 units sold worldwide (a.k.a. “Verti-G™, Typhoon™, Vortex™ and Tornado™”), CSI™ is the industry pioneer in VCD technology and set the standard for waste cuttings management throughout the industry.  The new CSI-E3™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer is designed with an oil-sealed gear box drive unit that requires no active lubrication system for operation. 

The most common problems causing system shutdown, during operation of the CSI-03™ VCD, is associated with the active lubrication system.  Whether it is low pressure levels, exhausted filter, flow switch monitoring, fluid levels, or damaged hoses, the operation of the VCD comes to a stop.  Elgin’s CSI-E3™ VCD removes all active lubrication equipment, including the main drive gear box.

CSI-E3™ VCD Overview

Elgin’s CSI-E3™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer is capable of processing waste cuttings up to 80 tons per hour and achieving reduction in moisture down to 10% or less in most cases. 

Even more exciting is the fact that Elgin’s new oil-sealed planetary gearbox provides for enhanced CSI-E3™ Vertical Cuttings Dryer performance by providing a higher G-force output and improved differential speed, while at the same time being able to accommodate higher levels of applied torque and temperature.   This means that you not only have a dryer that costs less to operate, but a dryer that will outperform those using a traditional oil-lubricated gearbox. The CSI-E3™ VCD with Elgin’s latest three-stage, oil-sealed, planetary gearbox, operations will end up with a dryer solids discharge and higher fluid recovery.

A properly deployed Vertical Cuttings Dryer (“VCD”), can significantly reduce waste disposal costs, dramatically lower whole mud loses within those wastes, and improve the overall quality of the drilling fluid by allowing the shale shakers and centrifuges to be used at their full operating potential.

CSI-E3™ VCD Benefits

Operating Benefits

  • Reduced downtime.
  • Reduced operating expense.
  • Reduce gearbox repair expense.
  • Reduced spare parts inventory expense. 

Performance Benefits

  • Improved G-Force Output.
  • Improve Torque Response.
  • Improved Differential Speed.
  • Improved Operating Temperature Resilience.
CSI-E3™ VCD Performance