KEMTRON 600MX™ Mud Recycling System

KEMTRON 600MX™ Packaged Mud System
KEMTRON 600MX™ Mud Recycling System

Active Tank Level Monitoring

KEMTRON 600MX™ tank level monitoring system

High-Shear Additives Hopper

Kemtron 600mx™ High Shear Hopper System

Onboard High Pressure Washer

KEMTRON 600MX™ onboard high pressure washer

KEMTRON 600MX™ System Overview

Elgin’s KEMTRON 600MX™  mud recycling system offers operators increased performance when managing fluids with high solids content.

Elgin Separation Solutions pioneered the packaged mud recycling system decades ago. Operators quickly came to know these systems as durable, long-lasting, with high-quality sophistication and maximum performance.

By adding a 12 inch hydrocyclone desander to the KEMTRON 600MX™ mud recycling system, operators are able to process fluids with larger solids and increased flow capacity. The onboard desander works to remove large solids providing for improved performance from the desilter hydrocyclones. 

Increased tank capacity, abrasion resistant slurry pumps, high-shear hopper mixing manifold, and onboard pressure washer are just a few of the amazing features on the KEMTRON 600MX™ mud recycling system. 

KEMTRON 600MX™ System Benefits

  • Abrasion resistant slurry pumps for increased performance and life-span.

  • Able to handle much higher solids content with the onboard 12 inch hydrocyclone desander.

  • Improved hydrocyclone desilter performance with larger solids processed by the hydrocyclone desander.

  • Capable of handling larger flow rates with onboard 12 inch hydrocyclone desander.

  • Improved polymer mixing with onboard high jet shear system.

  • Optional dual-motion, variable speed Hyper-G™ shaker is more effective when managing clays in balanced elliptical motion.