Slurry Pumps

A slurry pump is a type of pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles. Elgin’s pumps are designed and constructed for multiple types of slurry which varies in composition of solution, size of solid particles, shape of solid particles, and concentration of solids. And therefore, slurry pumps are more robust than liquid pumps; they have added sacrificial material and replaceable wear parts to withstand wear due to abrasion.

Centrifugal, self-priming, positive displacement, rubber-lined, and submersible (trash) pumps can be used for managing slurries. Featuring bearing-supported shafts, mechanical seals, packing glands with split casing or rubber lined casing designs. Configurations include horizontal, vertical suspended and submersible.

We know that an important part of any fluid system includes the use of a high-performance slurry pump.  Elgin’s line of pumps have been engineered for ease of operations, efficiency, and durability.

Based on the industry’s most field-proven centrifugal pump, Elgin’s slurry pumps have been designed with durability and value in mind.  Ideal for handling a host of different fluids.  Featuring SKF (or equal) bearings, tungsten mechanical seals, and a wide semi-open impeller design allowing for increased bearing life thru lower axiel thrust.

Elgin’s abrasion resistant slurry pumps are designed to better manage abrasive materials associated with pumping operations.  Whether operated as a standalone pump or part of Elgin’s turn-key solutions, abrasion resistant pumps improve performance and extends pump life versus traditional pumps.

Based on one of the industry’s most field-proven pump configurations, Elgin’s line of self-priming solids-handling pumps offer a trouble-free, non-clogging design.  The large volute automatically reprimes in a fully open system, without the need for complicated suction or discharge plumbing.

To ensure a well-balanced feed, with consistent pressure, Elgin can supply a variety of custom-configured progressive-cavity feed pumps (“PC pumps”).  PC pumps can improve the centrifuge performance, extend the life of a centrifuge, and reduce overall operations and maintenance costs when properly operated.   

Elgin’s versatile submersible pumps support a wide variety of applications for the trenchless and geothermal industry.  Solids-handling ‘trash’ pumps have been designed to reliably handle a myriad of solids-laden fluids with minimal maintenance. We offer pumps ranging from 400 up to 1,500 gallons per minute capacity.