CSI-D4 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical Cuttings Dryer


The first and only vertical cuttings dryer capable of processing oil-based cuttings and water-based cuttings without having to change out the screen or flites.  Additionally, Elgin is the only solutions provider with a Class 1 – Division 1, explosion proof, air-cooled control panel.

Operators can recover thousands of gallons in used drilling fluid while reducing the solids moisture content down to 5% or less.  No other vertical cuttings dryers on the market can achieve these results in a single turn-key solution.


  • Designed to reduce drill cuttings moisture on waste solids by 90%.
  • Recover thousands of gallons of drilling fluid and water that would normally have been disposed of with the waste drill cuttings.
  • Dewatered waste solids dramatically reduce waste disposal trucking fees.
  • Dual-drive technology for either water-based or
    oil-based applications.