Decanter Centrifuge

Whether you are working toward maximizing product recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” closed-loop system, Elgin’s field proven liquid/solids separation and dewatering centrifuges are a perfect choice. With over 550 centrifuges installed worldwide, Elgin’s Decanter Centrifuges are a field proven solution.

Decanting centrifuges are mechanical devices used for the separation of solids from slurries in many industrial processes. In oilwell drilling, centrifuges are used to condition drilling fluids by dividing the fluid into high-density and low-density streams, permitting one to be separated from the other. The division is achieved by accelerated sedimentation. As the drilling fluid is passed through a rapidly rotating bowl, centrifugal force moves the heavier particles to the bowl wall, where they are scraped toward the underflow (heavy slurry) discharge ports by a concentric auger, also called a scroll or conveyor, which rotates at a slightly slower rate than the bowl. The separation of the heavier particles divides the processed fluid into two streams: the heavy phase, also called the under- flow or cake; and the lighter phase, which is called the overflow, light slurry, effluent, or centrate.